Summary Saturday: Always Blogging Behind

I seem to always be behind on my blogging lately which really bugs me, but according to Preacher Man, “No one else cares, Chel,” which is definitely true.

Here is what The Tree Dwellers have been up to in the past month:

World Geography and Science

We’ve traveled to three countries since my last Summary Saturday, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. Two of these countries I’ve actually visited so we had fun looking through my photos and souvenirs.

While in Italy, we made Margherita Pizza from scratch after reading the book, Pizza for the Queen.

It was so delicious that it has become a new staple around our house at lunch time!

We also studied Galileo for science while we were in Italy. The girls had a great time replicating his experiments with falling objects.

They wanted me to tilt the chair so it would be like the real Leaning Tower of Pisa, but I declined.

Next we crossed the border into France where we enjoyed some delicious food…

Bacon and Cheese Quiche and Chocolate Truffles (which were so, so, so good!).

I had Miss Jane and Chipette make the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks which they thought was really cool.

They are already planning a trip together to France one day. All I can say is prepare now Frenchmen!

After France we went to the Netherlands and painted Delft blue pictures of windmills.

Had some hagelslag, which is simply bread spread with butter and topped with chocolate sprinkles, but the Dutch ate this a lot for breakfast while I was there.

Chipette really loved my wooden shoes and once I told her that they are only worn outside and left by the door when you come in, then every time she went in the backyard she had to wear them until I finally took them away so they wouldn’t be destroyed. There is a fun story behind how I got those shoes and their history, but maybe another time.

My goal is get my lesson plans for these three countries up on the blog this week, so be sure and check back later.


For some reason I took very few pictures of Chipette’s school these past few weeks, but she did have a lot of fun doing this assignment for Spanish.

She wrote a comic strip in Spanish using the greetings that we’ve learned so far using REAL Homeschool Spanish.


The biggest news in Magpie’s life over the last month was the loss of her first tooth.

She was so excited and the Tooth Fairy was very generous!

Phonics: Magpie’s reading is really coming along. She can read CVC words pretty consistently which makes her happy. A large part of her phonics progression has been the fun games included in Logic of English Foundations.

For this game I taped the phonograms we’re working on to the door to the garage.

When I said a phonogram’s sounds, she threw a soft ball at the correct one.

The other game was very similar. I wrote some phonograms on our marker board, then moved it to the back porch. I gave Magpie a squirt bottle of water and she shot the phonogram with water when I called out a sound.

You could also do this with chalk on a sidewalk instead of a marker board.

We had a lot of fun with our literature studies as well. We finished up Good Night Moon and tried to do a sequencing activity where you put cards in order showing what you do to get ready for bed.

We had a little problem though. One card showed the bunny eating a carrot as a bedtime snack. Magpie realized very quickly that she doesn’t get a bedtime snack and there wasn’t a card for going to the bathroom. Of course using my awesome art skills, I drew a bunny on the potty so that Magpie could finish up her sequence.

Chipette and Monkey found the bunny on the potty very, very funny!

We also enjoyed our early spring weather by going outside and observing what animals and plants were in a circle of the front yard.


Not to be left out Monkey enjoyed some school time with us as well, especially our Delft paintings.

I love the concentration on his face!

Another fun-filled month of learning and loving in the tree house,


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