Summary Saturday: Randomness

It’s been a while since I've done a Summary Saturday post. Not because there has not been anything to summarize, but because I've been trying to figure out the balance between blogging and, well, everything else. It seems that if I keep up with the blog like I want, then school and home suffer. If I keep up with school and home, then the blog suffers. My priority planning has helped, but I still feel that something gets short changed. Maybe that’s just life, though. You never have enough time to do everything.

Anyway, with a new year coming up (since the Mayans were wrong), I am cleaning out some random pictures that I’d saved for Summary Saturday posts that never happened.

Chipette’s spelling (Apples and Pears) assignment on this day was to take two prefixes, three base words, and two suffixes, and then combine them to make eight words.

She did a great job and really enjoyed playing with words this way.

On election night, Chipette was glued to the TV coloring in states and adding up electoral votes.

She and Magpie had gone voting with me earlier that day, so they got to see the process from our local polls to the national news!

We also played a Spanish color and number review game using math manipulatives and construction paper circles.

Cuatro cubos verdes.  Muy bien!

Chipette finished learning all her letters in her New American Cursive workbook from Memoria Press. Here is her first cursive sentence:

Not bad for her first time, in my opinion.

We have quite a few guests that show up to do school with us. In the past couple of months, both Sarah (Chipette’s American Girl doll)…

Frog Boy…

and The Fashinonista (aka Magpie)

have made appearances.

And just to prove that we’re not all school work and no play:

When the leaves fell off our pecan tree in the backyard, the girls had a blast!

When we were finally able to have Chipette’s birthday sleepover, everyone had a good time staying up late and watching movies.

Such a great group of girls!

As for the present, I’m busy working on our World Geography and Animals and their Habitats study for the new year.

 Very excited about what’s coming up and even more excited about being able to share it with all of you.

Because I WILL figure out how to balance my life!

And then I will write a book and make millions of dollars J

Hoping all of you are having fun this holiday season because I know we are in the tree house,


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