Mama Monday: A Traditional Christmas

Back in 2009 when Magpie is 2 and Chipette is 6
We have no tree. We have no decorations. We haven’t played much Christmas music. My children are starting to wonder…what’s happened to Mom?

Nothing’s happened to Mom and all of those things are going to happen at some point this week because of this:

Chipette: Why don’t we have our tree up yet?

Me: Well, you and sister have been sick since we got back from Thanksgiving.

Chipette: But don’t we always put the Christmas stuff up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Me: Yes, but we weren’t home that weekend. Remember?

Chipette: I guess so. So are we going to decorate for Christmas?

Well of course we are, sweet girl, but we haven’t followed our family tradition this year.

Which got me to thinking about Christmas traditions…

In our family, we don’t have many. Just one in fact.

It actually started with my family growing up.

Every year each member of my family would pick out an ornament for the tree. It could represent something that happened during the year. It could be one that caught our eye. But each year all of us added one more ornament to the tree. And every year when we put the tree up, we loved talking about the memories everyone had of buying their ornaments in previous years. And when I left home, I took my ornament collection with me to put on my own Christmas tree.

Monkey's First Christmas (9 months old)
So when I got married, our first Christmas together, I bought an ornament.

Each child has their Baby’s First Christmas ornament.

And on a Saturday evening a week or two before Christmas, you can find our family loading into the car in our comfiest clothes with a thermos of hot chocolate, driving thirty miles away to Hobby Lobby, each picking out an ornament, then driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas light and listening to Christmas music.

And it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. And I hope that when my children get grown, they say to their children, “This ornament is one of my favorites. I picked it out when I was about your age. We had so much fun choosing ornaments, drinking hot chocolate, and looking at Christmas lights. I loved Christmastime!”

That’s what traditions are all about anyway, building memories that can be shared and passed on because it’s so much fun.

Please share one of your family’s Christmas traditions in the comments. I’m always looking for more memory-making stuff to do!

Making memories through Christmas traditions in the tree house,



  1. We do something very similar! Each year, our girls get to choose a new ornament - and our plan is to give them their ornaments when they go out on their own. I find a way to write the year (very small) on each ornament.

    Tradition is so important to family! One tradition our family has is done when I'm not even home! One day or evening in early December, my husband and girls decorate our home for Christmas to surprise me (not the tree, but the lights, garland, bows, & cute nick-knacks that mean so much to our family) - and, yes, I'm ALWAYS surprised! This year, it was in November, which was a big surprise. Special times, precious memories...

    1. I wish my kids would decorate the house for me each year!!! But at this point it would not be a pretty sight. LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. We enjoy it and the bonus is it only takes up one night!