Scripture Sunday: The Gift

Last Sunday I heard a wonderful sermon in church. But it wasn't Preacher Man who gave it. It was Monkey.

He didn’t use words, but he said a lot with one little action.

At least to this mom it was a lot.

Monkey has a Lovey. Lovey has been with us since Monkey’s birth. Lovey goes everywhere and Lovey generally looks like he’s been everywhere and in everything.
He has been cut with scissors. He has stains that will not come out. He is well loved.

He is Monkey’s prize possession.

When I went to pick Monkey up from Bible class last week, he had a tiny baby doll that his teacher had put in a box with some hay in it. They had learned the story of the birth of Jesus.

Monkey was so proud of that baby.

He put it on the pew next to us during worship services and as things were winding down I look over and see this:

He had placed Lovey on his baby Jesus. He had given Jesus the one possession that means more to him than anything else.

The wise men did this when they traveled so far to give the newborn King the most expensive gifts of that time.

Peter, Andrew, James, and John do this when they leave a prosperous fishing business to follow the Messiah.

Mary does this when she uses a jar of expensive perfume to wash the feet of the Teacher.

And so I looked at that Lovey so tenderly placed on Jesus.

And I asked myself,

What have I given to Jesus that means the most to me?

Have I given Him my marriage so it will be what He wants it to be and not what I think it ought to be?

Have I given Him my children so that they will fulfill His call and not what my mother heart wishes for them?

Have I given Him my time so that it is used for His work and not my selfish pursuits?

Have I given Him my dreams so that my life is for His glory?

Have I given Him me?

I appeal to you, therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God…(Romans 12:1)

During this holiday season many people talk about Jesus, about His miraculous birth, about the shepherds who raced into Bethlehem to see Immanuel, the wisemen who travel so far to give so much, and Simon and Anna in the temple who receive their promise from God when they see the Christ before they die.

The most important thing to remember about His birth though is that Jesus doesn’t want you to think of Him once or twice a year.
He wants all of you to belong to Him, all year long, all the time.

You are the gift that He wants.

Learning the most powerful lessons from my children in the tree house,


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