Disney World Vacation Day Three

Today took us to my favorite park in Disney World…Epcot! Unfortunately I didn’t get to share with the kids what I love about Epcot, the World Showcase. We ran out of time and only got to visit Norway (where we had a character lunch at Auskerhus to meet the princesses) and Great Britain (where the girls ate fish and chips with Gran and Papaw for supper).

However, we met a TON of Disney characters while in Epcot…


Sleeping Beauty (Aurora),

Snow White,



Chip and Dale,





and Donald Duck. Donald is my favorite, so I had to have a little fight with that hot-headed duck!

While I didn’t get pictures of it, Monkey loved the Nemo ride and the aquarium. We saw a couple of rescued manatees whose tails had been cut with boat propellers and he spent the rest of the day saying, “Man-tee cut”. He was so worried about them! He enjoyed the Mickey Mouse stickers as well:

We had a wonderful day in Epcot!

Meeting Disney royalty and animal pals makes for a memorable day in the traveling tree house,


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