Disney World Vacation Day Four

Today was the day I was the most excited about. When my family visited Disney World I was in Jr. High, so it’s been about 20 years. The Animal Kingdom park hadn’t even been built yet, so I couldn’t wait to visit a new part of the Disney experience. It was an amazing place and very, very beautiful with lots of trees, flowers, and, of course, ANIMALS!!! Monkey was in heaven. This was definitely his most enjoyable day!

He would have watched these fish forever.

He loved the gorillas.

We took a ride on the African safari and saw some amazing animals. This day was the coolest and cloudiest while we were there and all of the animals were out and about. There were a couple of times that I could have reached out and touched some of the animals.

At lunch we got to meet Daisy, who we’d missed the day before in Epcot.

The girls danced with some Indian dancers while in the Asia area of the park.

Look out Bollywood! Here we come!

We got to meet Pocahontas while there.

And most important of all, the girls found some mouse ears!!!

Animal Kingdom was really awesome! Too bad it closes so early.

Thinking that we are our own little Animal Kingdom here in the traveling tree house,


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