Disney World Vacation Day One

My parents have been promising the girls that they would take them to Disney World for two years, but this year they set a date: October 14-October 18. This week I decided to blog from Disney World all about our trip to the place where dreams come true...

We drove the entire way to Orlando from our house. We left Friday afternoon and arrived Sunday afternoon.

Arriving in Louisiana

Creepy Spanish Moss

A new state on Saturday

Like pets, my kid have to run every so often on a road trip.

We finally made it to our resort this afternoon!
Chipette getting Cinderella's autograph at dinner. 

The girls with Cinderella.

Magpie getting a special hug from her favorite princess.

Lady Tremaine stopped by for a picture. Monkey was not enjoying all the Disney characters! 

Drucilla was not happy that Cinderella was getting all the attention.

Anastasia was a little nicer than her sister.

Prince Charming lived up to his name. Chipette could not stop grinning when he stopped by!

As we left my "royal" family stopped for a picture in the carriage out front.

Already filling up our autograph books!!!

Watching my girls discover the magic of Disney World is simply "magical" in the traveling tree house,



  1. YAY! You made it!! Your pictures already have me itching to go back! (p.s. I love the giddy smile and tight hold Chipette has on Prince Charming!)

    1. Charming asked her why she had such a big grin on her face and she said, "I don't know!" He said that he looked like that when he first met Cinderella!