Thrifty Thursday: HGTV to the Rescue!

Recently my parents made another trip to see us before the school year starts back. While my mom was here she wanted my sister and I to pick out some wallpaper at the local Sherwin-Williams for a feature wall in our old bedrooms at home. While we were there, I noticed a stack of about 20 wallpaper sample books on a table. As we were leaving I asked the guy behind the counter if they were getting rid of them. He said, yes, that we could take as many as we wanted. We walked out of there with at least half of the wallpaper books…and a plan.

I’ve been trying to find something to hang above our bed in the master bedroom for almost a year now. The yellow color on our quilt is very strange, and I wanted to bring in some blue color for an extra accent color. My mom mentioned that recently on HGTV she’d noticed where they were using framed wallpaper as art. We sat down later that night, picked out some possibilities, and then narrowed them down to ten. The next day I went to The Dollar Tree bought ten frames of different designs and sizes, spray painted the ones that weren’t silver, and then carefully cut the wallpaper to fit in the frames.

The finished result was exactly what I wanted.

And for $10 plus tax, the price was right!

This was my favorite piece we created by combining two different wallpaper samples in this funky frame. It was actually a mirror, not a picture frame, but the mirror was held in the same way glass is in a picture frame so the mirror was easily removed.

Don’t get used to crafty, home improvement posts because Martha Stewart I am not in the tree house,


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