Summary Saturday: No TV=Togetherness

We started easing back into our usual routine this week. While we homeschool year round, I had really slacked off this summer on enforcing my screen time rules. Normally, the kids have no screens until school is finished for the day and only if they had good attitudes during school. The first couple of days were rough, but before the week was out things had gotten into a good groove when it comes to screen time in the house. However, the result was that my review post this week wound up being very full of learning and playing together pictures. To be honest, I loved seeing the kids enjoying each other without the constant sound of Mario Kart in the background!

For some reason I didn’t take a lot of pictures of Chipette’s work this week. She did finish her Apples and Pears Spelling Book A which means that she is finally up to grade level in spelling. Her being behind was nobody’s fault, but mine since I couldn’t find a spelling program that was what I wanted…until Apples and Pears.

We also finished our ballet unit study (FINALLY!!!) this week. Her notebook turned out beautifully and as our last “project” we made sugar plum cookies and watched Ballet Shoes, starring Emma Watson, on DVD.

The sugar plum cookies were disgusting! Hands-down one of the grossest things I’ve ever eaten. We made them, we tried them, we threw them away!

Magpie started learning about King David this week using Little Hands to Heaven by Heart of Dakota. She made a picture of David’s sheep in the fields to show that David was actually a humble shepherd boy when God chose him to be the next king of Israel.

Of course, we had to count the sheep by twos since she just recently learned how to do that!

We started a new art program this week. It is actually a drawing program by Mark Kistler. We tried out the free Mini-Marshmallow Lesson on how to draw Ninja Eggs. I say “we” because I even wanted to learn to draw along with the girls.

We really loved the lessons! Mark was quite entertaining and we produced some pretty good drawings if I do say so myself.

We will definitely be purchasing a subscription to his website in the future.

The girls still love our Math Mavens time. Basically we use the Cuisenaire rods to discover and discuss math concepts. This week we had an honorary member in our club…

Monkey woke up before we were finished so he joined in our block party.

Finally, while the girls were on a break between lessons, I caught them having some puzzle fun with Monkey. Chipette had Magpie put the alphabet train puzzle in order, and then Monkey got to push the pieces down.

Just one of the many reasons I can totally see Chipette being an awesome pre-K teacher one day. 

She’s good at delegating authority and getting everyone involved.

This is what Monkey looks like most days spending his time with three women all day. I think we stress him out!

And that’s what I felt like after my “realistic”week last week when he stressed me out!

Togetherness is terrific in the tree house,


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