Summary Saturday: Birthday Bliss!

This past week was Monkey's birthday and our homeschool Spring Break.

My parents and sister were in town so the kids had a great time getting to see Papaw, Gran, and Aunt Fluffy.

Here is Papaw playing Candyland with Magpie:

Papaw did lots of tree dweller containment while the rest of us worked on projects around my house!

This last round of pictures are from our day at the zoo. I thought that would be the perfect spot to celebrate Monkey's birthday since he loves animals so much.

Monkey found a rhino right as we walked into the zoo:

Our first stop was Chipette's favorite, the sea lions. We happened to get there right at feeding time. The kids loved watching them speed under the water and jump up onto the feeding platforms.

Next stop was Magpie's favorite animals, the flamingos. She likes to practice standing on one leg like they do!

Here is a shot of our zoo crew in order from back to front: Papaw, Gran, Aunt Fluffy, and Monkey:

We weren't sure which animal Monkey liked the best. He really enjoyed the petting zoo, especially the goats:

And he liked the giraffes, which he apparently thought were cows because he kept mooing at them!

They ALL liked the carousel!

Monkey found an orangutan to befriend:

Magpie did some elephant training:

And we finished up the day with Monkey Cupcakes which the sisters and Gran made for the birthday boy! Blowing out his two candles:

I love you, Monkey and can't believe my "baby" is two years old!!!

Here is Monkey when he's around three months old and still had has bright red flame hair!

God gave up a special slice of heaven when he sent Monkey to live in our tree house,


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