Freaky Friday: March With Us

March is a turtle that my dad found and brought home for us. Instead of telling you about him, I'm going to sing to you.

*to the tune of "I've Got Something in My Pocket"*

March With Us

Oh, March was a fine, fine turtle
His shell was as green as can be.
In a ditch he was
waiting patiently.

Dad comes along, picks him up
    right from the muck.
  He drove March to our home
      in his big, white truck.

We were so shocked
to see March with our eyes.
We filled up the pool with water
cause we are very wise.

When it's time to feed him,
I cup up some grapefruit.
I put it on a brick
to see if it would suit.

After three days' time,
March needed to go home.
I put a dollar sign on his back
to know him wherever he may roam.

And that's all the treehouse,


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