Mama Monday: The Blessing of Illness

Not a very long post today.

Monkey is sick. He's running fever, but has no other symptoms, so I'm kind of waiting to see what happens. I will take him to the doctor on Wednesday if his fever isn't gone. He could be sick because he's cutting teeth, has an ear infection, or something else.

And I'm starting to think that I must be a pretty "sick" person too, not physically sick, but mentally. While I hate to see Monkey not feeling well, I have to admit that I love how much he's wanting me to hold him and just to cuddle with me. He's usually so busy that mom doesn't get much loving anymore.

So the blessing that comes when my children are sick is that I know they still need me. That when they are sick, there is no one else they want to make them feel better than mom. I don't think we outgrow this. When I am sick the first thing I think is, "I wish my mom was here to take care of me!" 

All too soon my tree dwellers will leave home and go out into the world, but I will take the blessing that comes with illness, the blessing of being able to hold them and treat them like my babies for just a little longer.

Loving on a sick little Monkey in the treehouse,


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