Summary Saturday: Nature Studies

This past week it seemed like nature sought us out. You can tell that animals are getting desperate to find some food with fall coming on and the lack of rain we've had all year. They are having to forage in unexpected places.

Our first visitor we noticed this week was an enterprising squirrel, who has discovered a love for dog food. Our dog refuses to eat her food if it falls on the ground, so every morning after the dog comes back inside the house, a neighborhood squirrel sneaks onto our back porch and eats all the dog food from the ground.

Monkey stands in the window and watches him for about 15 minutes straight until the squirrel leaves. Apparently he recognizes a fellow tree dweller!

Here is what Monkey has been doing every morning:

Well, a few days after our discovery of a new backyard pet, Chipette caught a moth in our house and put it in a jar. She immediately became the coolest person in Monkey's world. They had so much fun watching the moth in the jar together.

On Monday, I will begin homeschooling two students. Chipette will begin second grade work, and Magpie will officially become a student at Live Oak Christian Academy doing Pre-K. Needless to say, Magpie is super excited to be doing school with mommy. Here she is all dressed for her first day about five days too early.

And last, but not least, Chipette got some new shoes for our upcoming trip. Finding shoes for her is a challenge because she's only 7, but she wears a size 7 WOMEN'S shoe! Trying to find women's shoes that would look "cute" on a 7 year old is hard. At Target yesterday, they had some of their Converse All-Stars on clearance for 50% off. They just happened to have a purple pair in Chipette's size, so they came home with us, and Chipette has yet to take them off. My mom coolness factor is at an all-time high right now with her!

Hope you all had a great week as well!

Getting ready for teaching two in the treehouse,



  1. I understand the shoe problem! It's super hard to find appropriate dress shoes for size 9 1/2 feet when those feet are on an eleven year old girl! But your purple converses are awesome. I loved the picture of both your children looking at the moth!

  2. I love all the nature pictures, that cute little monkey, and great find on the shoes mom!!

  3. If you ever see Converse half price at Target again, pleeeeease call me! Addy wants some but her feet are growing too fast for me to pay that much for shoes for her...She's 9 and wears size 9 women's shoes. So yeah, we have the same problem...