Summary Saturday: Act of God

Here's a little bit of what happened in the treehouse this past week:

Monkey discovered that not only does he love bananas, but coconut is pretty high on his list as well!

Note to self: Make sure that pantry door is securely shut!

While studying Elizabethian England this week, we jumped right into Shakespeare for literature. Luckily there are some wonderful children adaptations of Will's works. We read Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Chipette already knew the basic plot of Romeo and Juliet (thank you Gnomeo and Juliet!), and really got into the story.

While reading Shakespeare, I heard a lot of, "That's not fair!" and "If only the messenger had made it in time!"  My reply, "Well that's Shakespeare, Chipette, and life too."

On Thursday we had a little action around the treehouse as this bad boy rolled into town.

I wish that the picture could convey how hard the wind was blowing. I couldn't even open the front door! But the storm brought some much needed rain and cooler weather, plus my first tornado warning since moving here 5 years ago. Yep, me and Monkey had to hunker down in the master bedroom closet (only room in the house without a window) since a tornado was spotted somewhere in our little town.

The storm didn't stop Chipette's sewing lesson that night, though. She completed her first project, a needle book.

All in all, another fun (and stormy) week!

Me thinketh I posteth too mucheth in the tree-abodeth,

Chelli  Shakespeare

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