Homeschool Mom Confessions Guest Post

I’m so excited to be posting today over at The Mommy Mess!!! I’m participating in Adrienne’s Homeschool Mom Confessions series which is so good and helps all of us realize that homeschooling is has it’s difficult spots for all of us.

As a former teacher and with a degree in education I tend to receive similar comments from people who find out I homeschool, “Oh, well, homeschooling is easy for you then.”

But here’s my confession:

Cute teacher with chalk in front of blackboard, close-up of young professor wit copyspace

Don’t get me wrong. I highly esteem teachers. They have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet and my teaching experience has definitely made me comfortable with a classroom of children. When you start trying to compare a classroom and homeschool,though, it is like comparing apples and oranges.

To finish reading the rest of my confession just click on the picture above.

Confession is good for the soul in the tree house,


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