Thrifty Thursday: Target Dollar Aisle

The dollar aisle at Target is a favorite place of mine to shop most of the time, but especially at back to school time. I visited there this past week and scored some great stuff for our upcoming school year that I thought I would share with you.

Last year, I purchased the Math Bingo and Time Bingo of these games. When I saw the Spanish and Alphabet versions this year, I grabbed them. We’ve already played the alphabet one, and it was great. It reviews beginning letter sound, ending letter sounds, and alphabet order. Quite a challenge for my preschooler and a good review for my 2nd grader. The Spanish one goes over basic Spanish vocabulary terms.

Last year I also purchased two packs of these flashcards, the presidents and instruments of the orchestra. I have used the orchestra cards during our Circle Time and am working with Chipette on putting the president cards in order as we study American history this year. Since we are doing world and U.S. geography next year for school, the U.S. state flashcards and the animal flashcards will work perfectly. The animal flashcards will go with our science study, animals around the world.

Next, I found these early reader books. I hadn’t seen these on the dollar aisle before, but it’s very possible I missed them. When you’re shopping with three kids, you tend to miss quite a few things! Anyway, I was most excited about the Declaration of Independence easy reader. It made a very complicated subject very easy to understand for the basic learner. I’m making Chipette read through it next week even though we’ve already passed that point in history. The girls were most excited about the Up Close Critters book. The pictures in it are just crazy!

A few years back,I found individual white boards on the Target dollar aisle, while I liked them I didn’t like that they didn’t have lines. Having my girls practice their handwriting (manuscript for Magpie and cursive for Chipette) on the white boards was a little difficult to explain without those lines. When i saw these this year, I snatched them up and even got one for Monkey, who has really enjoyed writing on his board like the big sisters!

Final total:
2 Bingo games
2 packs of flashcards
5 easy readers
3 individual white boards
$12 for everything!
And that’s why I love the Target dollar aisle!!!
Check out the Target closest to you to find out what good school deals they have in your area.
Schooling for dollars (sometimes lots of dollars!) in the tree house,


  1. I am so glad you posted this! We bought one of the dry erase boards with lines a few years ago and I really need to get some more! I wasn't sure they would ever have them again. The poor board has seen better days, but we still use it a lot, especially for our All About Spelling dictation.I better head over to Target:) Thanks!

    1. My kids are already loving the version with lines as opposed to the non-lined version. Glad I could help you spend a little money! :)