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Most homeschoolers are getting ready to begin a new school year in the coming weeks.  I’m so excited about this that I had to share it with all of you. 

Our family doesn’t “technically” start a new school year until January and school year round, but I love to do something special on the first day that all of our public school friends go back. We sleep late, eat a special breakfast, take pictures for our new grades {I promote the kids when the schools go back so they know how to answer, “What grade are you in?”}, buy new school supplies, and go somewhere fun for the day. This year I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve secretly been purchasing school supplies for the kids over the past few weeks, and I’m letting the kids do a Homeschool Supplies Scavenger Hunt to find all of their new stuff!!! I know they are going to love it and I’m having  hard time containing myself for the next three weeks. I wanted to share it so that any of you who were looking for something a little different and fun to start the homeschool year could jump right in and let me know how your family liked it. Yes, I’m asking you to be my guinea pigs!
Homeschool Supplies Scavenger Hunt

Here are the answers to the clues and where the items should be hidden:
Clue #1: Glue in the laundry room (I’m putting mine in the dryer.)
Clue #2: Pencils on a window sill
Clue #3: Stapler in a closet
Clue #4: Crayons on the stove
Clue #5: Ruler at the front door
Clue #6: Binder on the table
Clue #7: Colored pencils on the bed
Clue #8: Notebooks in the bathtub
Clue #9: Personal size marker boards under a chair
Clue #10: Unashamed attempt for me to get hugs and kisses from the kids, but I’ll also have their homeschool books in some new backpacks for them.

I’m already thinking of fun locations that we could take our scavenger hunt next year: the library, the zoo, a park, etc.

Wishing all of a you a blessed and magical school year from the tree house,



  1. What a great idea! I usually have a goodie bag of school supplies on the first day with a special treat (like a store-bought cupcake decorated like a monkey!) I may switch it up this year with a scavenger hunt. Thanks!

    1. You are more than welcome! Monkey cupcakes sound cute.

  2. Oh no! The file is not available on Scribd anymore. :(

    1. Right above the Scribd preview is a link that says, "Download your scavenger hunt here." That link will take you to my Dropbox link which still works.