Want to Homeschool?: Five Pinterest Boards to Help Get You Started

My first advice to people who mention that they want to homeschool is do NOT put homeschooling into a search engine! There is so much information out there that it is overwhelming. Being the good Samaritan that I am, I wanted to share five of my Pinterest boards that will be most beneficial to those considering home education.

Homeschool Beginner Pinterest Boards
1) Homeschool Encouragement
Sometimes the biggest obstacle to home education is even mustering the courage to begin. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to home education is mustering the courage to continue when the times are rough. I created this Pinterest board with the sole purpose of pinning blog posts and articles that provide encouragement for me when I’m questioning everything about homeschooling. You can also check out my two part Homeschool Newbie blog post.

Homeschool Encouragement on Pinterest
2) Homeschool Organization

I love organization and planning so I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to homeschool organization from scheduling  how your homeschool operates to ideas for organizing school supplies. If you need help with the nuts and bolts of homeschooling this is your place. I love planning so much I even wrote an entire step by step series about it!

Homeschool Organization on Pinterest
3) Teacher In-Service Required Reading
As a former teacher, I realize the importance of continuing to educate yourself about teach methods and ideas. I see no reason for that to stop now that I am a home educator. I created this board as a way to further my education to be a better teacher and mother to my children. I try to read at least three books from this Pinterest board each year. I’ve gleaned so much valuable insight and wisdom from doing this.

Teacher In-Service Required Reading on Pinterest
4) Reading Lists for EVERYTHING!
If homeschoolers are known for anything, it’s our love of books. We read aloud, we read for science, we read for history, we read for math, we read for nature study, and we sometimes struggle with where to find books for all of these things. That’s why this Pinterest board was created. I wanted one centralized place where I could pin reading lists or individual books that I discovered for different subjects. Lists like these help new homeschoolers find what they need to add literature to their home school. Check out my reading lists tab for my contribution to the reading list mania.

Reading Lists for EVERYTHING! on Pinterest5) Speedy Quick
I love to cook, but some days when you are busy homeschooling and with outside commitments, you need some go to recipes that you can get on the table in 30 minutes or less from start to finish. As a new homeschooler (or a veteran!), just the thought of going in the kitchen after a long day hitting the books is not enticing. This Pinterest board is all I need to find those quick and easy meals for the times that I really just don’t want to cook. Be sure and check out the recipes that I’ve shared on my blog under the recipes tab above.

Speedy Quick on Pinterest
I continually add to these Pinterest boards and all of my others, so be sure and follow me on Pinterest so you don’t miss any other helpful pins for new homeschoolers!

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