Virtual Curriculum Fair 2014: The Art of the Matter

My artistic ability is nonexistent. During high school art class I had trouble even drawing a straight line with a ruler! When it came time for art instruction in our home school, I knew that this was one subject I would have to outsource. Obviously God heard my plea, and about a year ago I won my choice of Home Art Studio DVDs from a giveaway that was held by Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Since we were studying World Geography last year, I chose the first grade option because it focused on art projects from around the world. I had a third grader and a Kindergartener so I hoped my choice was a good one.

Home Art Studio Review

Why I LOVE Home Art Studio:

1) I don’t have to teach it!!! I tried a few things off and on before Home Art Studio, but they were supposed to be teacher led. Which sounds good until you realize that the teacher (aka me) doesn’t know the difference between a palette and perspective. Ms. Volin, who teaches all of the lessons, definitely knows her stuff and I have gladly turned the girls’ art instruction over to her! The only thing I’m responsible for is stopping the DVD when the girls need some extra time to work on something and then pushing “play” again when they are ready. That’s my kind of art class!

2) The projects are doable for a wide range of ages. When I requested the first grade DVD I was worried that it would be too babyish for my 3rd grader and too difficult for my Kindergartener, but that was totally NOT the case! Chipette enjoyed the lessons just as much as Magpie. Although there is a grade level printed on the DVD case, there is only Ms. Volin on the DVD without a classroom of children. I like this because it lets you use the different grade levels with different ages and they never know it was intended for someone else.

3) It uses artistic terms and concepts. While I may be art illiterate, my kids aren’t going to be. Ms. Volin uses artistic terms and concepts in almost all of the lessons and she is able to explain them in a clear and concise way that makes it simple for her target age range to understand. Even I have learned a lot!

4) It’s fun. Home Art Studio art projects are perfect for my kids because they are fun projects, and they actually turn out the way they should. Usually my kids get frustrated if their work doesn’t look like the picture in the book or like the teacher’s, but as we’ve worked through Home Art Studio First Grade, the results have been similar to Ms. Volin’s. They beg me to do art and, honestly, it’s hard to say no when it’s this easy and fun!

You can also purchase packages that include all of the art supplies you would need for each level to make teaching art even easier!


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Home Art Studio makes things a little more beautiful in the tree house,



  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting program. This is my first time being introduced to Home Art Studio. I am going to check them out. Many blessings!

  2. I am checking them out as well! I love the idea of DVD instruction- now, to just win one! ;)