My Favorite Things: Christmas List

I love Christmas and this year I wanted to share some of my favorite things about the holidays, from traditions that my family enjoys to some amazing recipes that are great around the holiday season.
The first thing I tackled this year was a new way of doing the kids’ Christmas lists.  My parents are enthusiastic gift buyers which means that every year my kids wind up with lots and lots of great gifts, but just too many. We don’t have the space for them and, honestly, I think it’s so many that the kids are overwhelmed and don’t play with them as much as they would a select few.
I had seen some ideas floating around Pinterest of lists that focused on asking for things from different categories. I really liked that idea so that Magpie, Chipette, and Monkey would have things on their lists that didn’t fall in the toy category. So I came up with my own Christmas list printable and wanted to share it with all of you.
It has categories for things something they want, something educational, something to wear, something they really need, something to share with their siblings or a friend (we usually pick a board game or puzzle to put in this category), something to read, and one really big gift that they want most of all.
Christmas list
I pinned things throughout the year that I though the kids might like in all of these categories so that when the time came to fill out their list I had a selection of educational items, books, and games for them to choose from. We had a lot of fun just filling out our lists!
You can download your own version of my Christmas wish list right HERE.
Looking forward to a simplified gift exchange in the tree house,

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