Thursday's Thoughts: Week of April 7, 2013


Always cooking around here! Probably my biggest hit around here this week was my Five Star Pork Chops. Every time I make those Preacher Man raves about them like he’s never eaten them before. Preacher Man’s birthday is next week so I asked him what he wanted for his birthday supper. He requested steak, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, ranch buttered mushrooms, and my homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert. What can I say? He’s a simple, meat and potatoes kind of man.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Yep, it’s that time of year again for my annual Pride and Prejudice reading. Since my younger sister got engaged this week {Congratulations!!!}, love is in the air, and I need my Mr. Darcy literary crush fix.


To Magpie screaming and crying because Chipette took the pair of underwear that Magpie had laid out to wear in the morning. Can I just say that I do NOT understand girl drama? I am a girl, but I can honestly say I have never argued over underwear.


About what to make for breakfast in the morning. Probably going to make a loaf of Strawberry Bread. And of course things on my To Do list are always running through my mind. Does that ever stop playing?


Blog posts, writing projects, and finishing up some household organization. I’m also going to focus on how I start my day this next week. I’ve been slipping in that area, and it makes a HUGE difference in how everything else shakes out.


Feel free to follow me on Pinterest using the button in the sidebar. I wanted to share some of my favorite finds this past week:

Homeschool: I’ve been pinning like crazy working up a Native American study to squeeze in with Chipette once I’ve finished some other things during our school year. We are returning to American history next year and I wanted to do an in-depth study of the major tribes. You can find my board here.

Home: I pinned these free printable labels a couple of weeks ago. I’m showing them off in my last post of my Feeding the Family series on Monday. They are really cute and totally customizable!

Cooking: I found these Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones about a week ago and quickly pinned them. I’m thinking these might show up sometime next week for a fun afternoon snack. Best part is that they are relatively good for you!


My Kindle Touch. I got it for Christmas two years ago, but I think how much I love it every Thursday afternoon when I am at the ballet studio with the girls for three hours. I read and read and read with hundreds of books at my disposal. Truly a wonderful invention!


Monkey turned three a few weeks ago and I’ll never forget the bright orange hair that he had as an infant. It stood straight up on his head like flames. Every time we were out in public people would stare and point. I miss it sometimes because it was just so crazy looking!

Looking forward to a new week of productivity, loving, learning, laughing and cooking in the tree house,



  1. I made your oven fried chicken last week! Well...kinda! I didn't have all your ingredients, so I made my normal batter. It was still really good, but next time I'm going to try it with your ingredients.

    1. I made oven fried chicken last week too! I didn't have all of my own ingredients on hand so I used self-rising flour instead of baking mix as my breading. It turned out really, really well. I think I may even like it better with the flour instead of the baking mix, but my family vetoed that idea!

  2. Awww! Monkey's hair was sooo cute! Crazy how quickly they grow. My littlest will turn 3 this month.

    1. I know. I miss having a baby in the family. :( But I am enjoying having bigger kids too. If we could just get this potty-training thing down!