Summary Saturday: From Russia with Love

This week we really churned out some school. Finally, I feel that I’m really getting a handle on house+school+blog which means that it’s time for something to mess it all up! And, no, I’m not a pessimist, just a realist.

World Geography and Science  (Remember you can find all of my world geography and science lesson plans posted under the Globe-Trotting Girls label or under the curriculum tab.)

This week we traveled to Russia. Here are some pictures from our week abroad:

We made Matryoshka dolls for art.

We ate Strawberry Kissel which was really good!

We added Russia pages to our notebooks, the Russian flag and a map of Russia labeled with the capitol and some landforms.

We read Baba Yaga folktales, learned about Grand Duchess Anastasia, and the rise/fall of communism.

For science we learned about the tundra habitat and added a page to our notebook.

Then we learned about some animals that live in Russia on the tundra.

The best part (for me at least) was when I discovered that a beautiful, painted wooden spoon that a Ukrainian man had given me while doing some mission work abroad in college actually turned out to be something very special. It was even featured in one of our books on Russia.

The girls really loved looking at that!


This week Chipette completed the following:

  • Math: p. 28-70 in Math in Focus plus corresponding workbook pages. Eight pages each in Singapore Challenging Word Problems and Intensive Practice.

  • Read Aloud: We finished Nancy Drew and The Secret of the Forgotten City.

  • Literature: We completed three lessons in K12 Third Grade Literature.

  • Spelling: We did two levels (lessons) in Apples and Pears Spelling.
  • Language Arts: We read and discussed 21 pages in Grammar Island. Chipette completed eight pages in her New American Cursive book and five days of lessons from Student Writing Intensive-A where she’s working on key word outlines.
  • Loop Subjects: We almost got all of these in this week (two science classes, character training, Beautiful Feet Geography, and Spanish), but we didn’t quite make it to Shakespeare or our second class of Spanish. We’ll start with those two this next week.
  • Independent Reading: She read 100 pages of Emily’s Runaway Imagination this week.

For fun this week, our homeschool group watched a play in Houston by the AG Theatre. They put on a production of Thumbelina. Both Chipette and Magpie really loved it!


  • Math: She completed 12 pages in her math workbook, and we did 4 lessons of MEP Reception.
  • Phonics: We worked through 4 lessons of Logic of English Foundations, and she did 8 pages in her Explode the Code Primer book.

  • Handwriting: She did 8 pages from Do It Carefully by Rod and Staff and continued practicing a, d, and g in Italics.
  • Logic: We went through two lessons in Lollipop Logic
  • Science: We started Exploring Science this week by Elemental Science. It is very easy to do and very fun. Magpie loved it.
  • Literature: We finished up our study of Corduroy by playing store. Just like Lisa in the book buys Corduroy, I set up a store in the dining room and let all three of my kiddos buy toys.

They had so much fun that I caught them later in the day playing store in the living room together!

To round out our week, I let the girls decorate boxes for their Valentine mailboxes. We are participating in a Valentine exchange through one of my online homeschool groups and have been receiving Valentines from across the country, so I thought it would be fun to let the girls make some boxes to keep the Valentines in until February 14th. I won’t let them open them until the big day!

They had a lot of fun doing this and are very excited to see what Valentines they’ve received.


The highlight of Monkey’s week was going to his first birthday party for his friend, Abe.

He had a grand time and thought he was big stuff getting to help Mom pick out Abe’s gift.

The best compliment of the week was when Chipette told me that she loves when we do school every day because it makes our days more fun in the tree house, and I agree,



  1. I love the dolls and the valentine's boxes. How creative! I hope you'll consider adding this post to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap.