Summary Saturday: Two Weeks Worth

Here are our past two weeks of school and life:

We've been reading Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin by His Good Mouse Amos during our history storytime. This inspired Chipette to make her own "kite" and wait for a lightening strike. Luckily, it was not a stormy day!

Magpie had a science experiment in her curriculum. She was learning about Noah and the ark, so she got to figure out which things float like the ark and which things would sink. These are her results:

I warned Chipette and Magpie that next week we would have G.I. Joe Boot Camp for two hours. They did not seem as excited about this, but Monkey seemed relieved.

Magpie has been working on matching numerals with objects and one-to-one number correspondence. These are my fancy homemade math manipulatives and matching game:

In science we had an experiment to figure out what kind of bird beaks worked best at finding different types of food on the seashore. Here is Chipette using a plier shaped beak digging for food (assorted size beans) in the sand (oatmeal).

Here is how Monkey entertained himself for 30 minutes one day:

Stack the cups and bowls on the footstool, take them off. Stack the cups and bowls on the footstool, take them off. Stack the cups and bowls....(you get the idea).

Next was this week's science experiment, learning about the density of salt water. Here is the egg in fresh water:

And the egg in salt water:

After the experiment Chipette and Magpie each wanted to try a taste of the "ocean". I wish I had gotten pics of their faces when they took a sip of that glass!

In geography, we were learning about using a compass, so we made a one on our back porch:

And finally, Monkey discovered that he LOVES math! At least the manipulatives.

I still haven't found all of those blocks yet!

Hope all of you have had a great couple of weeks as well.

Checking diapers carefully in the treehouse for colored blocks,


For a couple of hours this week, Live Oak Christian Academy was turned into Barbie's Princess Charm School. These are the students:

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  1. Love, love, LOVE all the hands-on science ideas! Looks like lots of fun (and my 4yod seems to think every day is princess day, chuckle)