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One Year World History for Early Elementary Weeks 1 - 4

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When I finally got this school year on the right track by putting Chipette back in Heart of Dakota’s Preparing Hearts for HIs Glory, I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to let Magpie do a one year overview of world history as well. There was one problem….there are practically NO one year world history programs for early elementary. Thus, I decided to make my own as cheaply as possible. I decided to use the topics covered in Preparing Hearts for His Glory as my outline of what to cover during the year since that would make it super simple for me. I also decided not to have Magpie listen in to Chipette’s history readings because I want her to use that guide on her own when she gets to fourth grade, but it’s been so much fun having them cover the same history topics even if they are not technically “together” during history time.

I tried to use as many resources that I could find on the internet or get my hands on through the library and our personal books to make this a relatively “free” curriculum for me to build. Every so often I will link to something that I paid for, but I try to keep those expenses low. Most of the books I use are interchangeable with any other picture book. If your library doesn’t have a certain book, then substitute with one that it does have on the same subject. I have this scheduled for three days a week just for ease of use, but we do it in two days each week for the most part.

Week One Collage

Items Needed for Weeks 1 – 4

Egermeier’s Bible Story Book: I chose this specific Bible story book because of the great comprehension questions in the back so that Magpie could practice her narration skills.

Egermeier's Bible Story Book       comprehension questions

Days of Creation lapbook

Adam and Eve lapbook

Cain and Abel lapbook

Animated Bible Stories for Children: In the Beginning

Noah’s Ark by Mary Auld

Noah’s Ark lapbook (The lapbook pieces are found at the bottom of this post. Look for “Here are the Lapbook Printables.”)

Draw and Write Through History: Creation through Jonah (I already had this book since it’s included in Preparing Hearts for His Glory. It has step by step instructions on how to draw an ark. I let Magpie use it, but you can have your child free hand an ark if you would like.)

Animated Bible Stories for Children: The Story of Noah

Bible DVD covers

Tower of Babel lapbook

The Tower of Babel by William Wiesner

Magic Tree House #7: Sunset of the Sabertooth by Mary Pope Osborne

Magic Tree House Fact Finder #12: Sabertooths and the Ice Age by Mary Pope Osborne (This book turned out to be useful even for Chipette since one of her assignments in Preparing Hearts for His Glory was to research information on cave art, and this book had a great, easy to read and understand chapter on the topic.)

Sunset of the Sabertooth lapbook   

Ice Age Mammals notebooking pages

The Ice Age Tracker’s Guide by Adrian Lister

Week One

Day One: Read “How the World Was Made” from Egermeir’s Bible Story Book and go over corresponding questions from the back. Complete Days of Creation lapbook and add to notebook page. I use a lot of lapbook elements when we notebook, but I don’t use them in a typical lapbook way since I want them to be seen all at one time on the page. This leads to some fancy cutting and pasting sometimes to make it all fit, but Magpie likes to figure out a good layout as much as anything!

Creation lapbook

Day Two: Read “The First Home” from Bible Story Book and go over questions in the back. Complete Adam and Eve lapbook and add to notebook page. On the lapbook pieces I wrote some interesting facts that Magpie told me about Adam and Eve. Just because some lapbooks or notebook page require more writing than your child is comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t use them. There is nothing wrong with writing for your child if the space is small and the answer is long. She drew the two trees on the page and crossed out the one they were NOT supposed to eat from. I drew the sign in the middle of the page and Magpie wrote “Garden of Eden” on it.

Adam and Eve lapbook

Day Three: Read “The First Children” from Bible Story Book and go over questions in the back. Complete Cain and Abel lapbook and add to notebook page.  On this page I again had Magpie tell some facts from the story about each brother while I wrote them down for her. Watch the first part of Animated Bible Stories for Children: In the Beginning which is about Cain and Abel.

Cain and Abel lapbook

Week Two

Day One: Read “The Great Flood” from Bible Story Book and go over the questions in the back. Complete Noah’s Ark lapbook and add to notebooking page.

Flood lapbook

Day Two: Read Noah’s Ark by Mary Auld. Draw a picture of the ark and add the facts about its construction underneath the picture. I wasn’t totally happy with the Noah’s Ark lapbook that I found for free so I added this page for more information.

Ark fact notebook page

Day Three: Watch Animated Bible Stories for Children: The Story of Noah. Optional Activity: Mark off the length and width of the ark in a big field or empty parking lot to get an idea of how big it was. I wanted to do the optional activity, but the weather wasn’t cooperating so we did a character study page of Noah instead.

Noah Character Study

Week Three

Day One: Read “The Tower of Babel” in Bible Story Book and answer questions in the back. Complete Tower of Babel lapbook and add to notebook page. I wanted more information than what could fit into this tower lapbook piece so inside the tower foldover I had Magpie copy “And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower.”

Tower of Babel lapbook

Underneath the tower I used the questions at the back of the Bible Story Book to make some question and answer spaces at the bottom of the notebook page.

Babel Notebook Page

To finish out our history work I read three chapters of Sunset of the Sabertooth to Magpie since we’ll be starting the Ice Age at the end of this week.

Day Two: Read Tower of Babel picture book and watch Animated Bible Stories for Children: In the Beginning, the second half that is about the Tower of Babel. Read 4 chapters in Sunset of the Sabertooth.

Day Three: Read three chapters in Sunset of the Sabertooth to finish the book. Read Chapter 3 of Sabertooths and the Ice Age. Fill out the Sunset of the Sabertooth lapbook piece about What to Wear? (list what type of clothing they wore during the Ice Age) and Ice Age Living (describe where they lived, tools they had, etc.). Glue onto notebook page.

Ice Age Notebook Page

Week Four

Day One: Read Chapter 4 in Sabertooths and the Ice Age and make a cave painting page for your notebook. Optional Activity: Make a cave painting wall. We chose to do the optional activity using a long strip of brown paper. I had Magpie copy some of the pictures from the book onto our wall. Monkey got in on the action as well when we started painting in the cave pictures. We tried to use only the colors of paint that cave artists used. The kids even signed their work with handprints.

Magpie's Cave Wall

Monkey and Magpie Cave Art

Finished cave art

The extra piece attached to the bottom was Chipette’s cave art assignment in Heart of Dakota.

Day Two: Read Chapter 5 in Sabertooths and the Ice Age. Choose two animals from the Ice Age Mammals Notebooking pages to fill out an information sheet about. Use the Sabertooths and the Ice Age book and The Ice Age Tracker’s Guide to complete the sheets. Magpie decided that she wanted to do all the pages even though I told her that she only had to do four. Fortunately I know my Magpie and I had her pick out her two favorite to work on first. After doing two of the sheets, she decided only doing four of them would be plenty! I do like this notebooking packet though because there are four variations of each page so you can choose the one that fits your child’s writing ability.

Ice Age Mammals Notebook

Day Three: Read Chapter 6 in Sabertooths and the Ice Age. Choose two more animals to fill out information sheets about using the books listed in Day Two. Staple the cover and the four sheets you finished together and store in your notebook.

I should have the next four weeks posted next month. We’re off to Egypt and warmer, drier climates after all of this Ice Age and flooding stuff!

Four weeks of a world history tour under our belts in the tree house,


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Branching Out and a GIVEAWAY!

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In the past week, I’ve been doing some guest posting and even my first Google Plus Hangout. I wanted to make sure that my Tree Huggers (aka followers) could find where I’ve been busy in blog land.

First, I did a guest post at My Joy-Filled Life for Sarah’s ABC’s of Homeschooling series. I chose the letter “F” because I had been wanting to do a post about my homeschool filing system and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. If you need some inspiration to tame the Paper Monster in your homeschool, then be sure and click the picture below.


Next up I did my first ever Google Plus Hangout discussing one of my favorite topics: homeschool planning. Pam from Everyday Snapshots and Mystie from Simply Convivial graciously allowed me to join them for a forty minute discussion of how we plan our homeschools from goal setting for the year to planning out your day. Unfortunately on my end there was some bad weather so my part is a little jumpy, but it’s still worth the watch.

Pam has free planning pages on her blog to go along with the planning that we talk about in the video and that I discuss in my planning series. You can get her free planning pack here. On top of that, as a special deal Pam is offering a 30% discount on the expansion pack to her planning pages from today through Monday April 21st using the code HANGOUT14. If you’re feeling lucky this week, I am also participating in a giveaway for the extension pack planning pages. Enter below to be one of five lucky winners, but be sure and sign up before this Friday, April 18.

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Branching out and feeling generous in the tree house,